Queen of Apostles Vision, Mission, and Values

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Vision: To be a family of families committed to growing in discipleship of Christ and eager to invite others to join our family.

Mission: Under the protection of our Blessed Mother and guided by the Holy Spirit, our mission is to form disciples of Christ by:

  • Equipping parishioners with spiritual resources that will lead to deep spiritual growth
  • Inspiring families to embrace joyfully their vocation to holiness
  • Encouraging the faithful to use their time, talent, and treasure to the glory of God
  • Introducing people outside the Church to the joy and beauty of the Gospel

Parish Core Values:

  • Family: The family is our home where we grow as we share our gifts. We value the unique role of the family in discipleship and the coming together of families to form a thriving parish family committed to our mission and vision.
  • Stewardship: We believe that every individual has been gifted by God with unique time, talent and treasure and the path to spiritual growth is stewarding these gifts in a way that glorifies God and leads to an outpouring of the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians, 5).
  • Discipleship: We believe that the work of the Church is to make disciples of Christ who are invited and equipped to disciple others in the pursuit of Christ.

Aspirational Values:

  • Excellence: We pursue excellence in our spiritual life, in the Liturgy we celebrate, in the formation we offer and in the way we manage parish operations.
  • Diversity: We value the fruitfulness that diversity brings to our parish family.