Giving of Time (Prayer)

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Prayer is about our relationship with God. As good stewards of prayer, we gratefully acknowledge God’s presence in our lives and respond by investing ourselves.
In nurturing this relationship, we are able to stay connected and understand God’s will for our lives.

As disciples of Jesus, we care for this relationship in two ways. We strive to engage in personal prayer each day. Our prayer can be that of thanksgiving, praise, petition or forgiveness. As good stewards of our time, we return to God part of each day which has been so graciously given to us.

As the Church, the Body of Christ, we also pray together. The center of our community prayer is the Eucharist. We gather each weekend and on holy days to hear God’s word and to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. By gathering as a community, we honor the Creator of all things, receive Jesus who gives us energy and strength and are able to support and care for one another.

Our parish also offers other wonderful opportunities to be stewards of our relationship with God, most especially through Eucharistic Adoration. “In our visits and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, we experience the closeness of the good Shepherd, the tenderness of His love, the presence of a faithful friend.” (Pope Francis) Learn more about Queen of Apostles’ Eucharistic Adoration here.

Prayer is the foundation for becoming the steward that God wants us to be in all areas of our lives. We are grateful people and we respond by nurturing our special relationship with our Creator.