Capital Campaign

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We invite you and others who have not yet made a pledge to this ongoing campaign to raise funds to provide essential safety upgrades and renovation of the most sacred and highly used spaces.

Our vision: beautify the worship space, renovate the school, and transform the parish office. 

Our solution is a capital campaign with an initial goal of $2,500,000 to…

  • Implement a new sound system (October 2020)
  • Paint the walls and ceilings (November 2020)
  • Install new lights over the altar and statues (November & December 2020)
  • Replace the chandeliers
  • Install a new roof for the church (Spring 2021)
  • Rebuild the confessionary rooms (Early 2021)

Tech Painting completed the challenging job of painting the sanctuary ceiling at our church. The trial lay in how to access a ceiling that sloped upwards as the floor was simultaneously sloping downwards, and they had to negotiate their way around rows of pews and an organ box. Edvin and his crew are experienced at handling these types of tasks and employed a rolling tower of system scaffolding that they assembled and disassembled more than 20 times to overcome these obstacles, all while under the steady and benevolent gazes of the twelve apostles. The new ceiling color by Sherwin Williams now brightens the sanctuary and makes best use of the new lights just installed.The new light blue background brightens the altar and tastefully accentuates Mary and the golden Apostles.

Back when we initiated this campaign, we could not foresee the COVID pandemic and its impact on our community and nation. Therefore, I ask you to prayerfully consider making your own sacrificial pledge to this campaign.  Your pledge may be made using Pushpay, PayPal, or other electronic modes as well as by checks made out to Queen of Apostles with Capital Campaign in the memo line.

Our community joined together in the Towards a Family of Families campaign to improve our Parish so it may better fulfill its mission to promote and celebrate the relationships that exist between home, church, and school.  Our campaign reflects one community unified in prayer, shared responsibility, and hard work with the collective mission to ensure the future of this parish.  

I prayerfully and respectfully ask for your enthusiastic support in this Parish-wide effort. 

Fr. Alex

Call (703)-354-8711 ext. 10 with any questions or to make a pledge.