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Ceiling Repainting

Beginning in late November and ending just before Christmas, Tech Painting of Alexandria, VA completed the challenging job of painting the sanctuary ceiling at our church. The trial lay in how to access a ceiling that sloped upwards as the floor was simultaneously sloping downwards, along with negotiating their way around rows of pews and the choir loft. The Tech Painting crew employed a rolling tower of system scaffolding that they assembled and disassembled more than 20 times to overcome these obstacles, all while under the steady and benevolent gazes of the twelve apostles. The new ceiling color by Sherwin Williams now brightens the sanctuary and makes best use of the new lights installed over the altar by R&M Electricians of Woodbridge, VA.

Brighter Background

Completing the transformation of the sanctuary was the application of pastel yellow walls and new light blue background behind our Lady and the Apostles. Wilber Gaitan and his team from United Painting and Drywall, brought the sanctuary to life. 



Meet our New Rodgers Infinity Organ

“She” was built in Hillsboro, Oregon in early 2019. This incredible instrument includes

  • 84 drawknobs or stops
    • Each one brings on or silences the different pipe organ sounds 
  • 4 manuals or keyboards
    • Each keyboard has 61 keys
  • A Pedalboard with 32 keys
  • Four (4) pipe voicings (American, English, French, German) 
    • These are digital recordings of pipes from actual organs in each of the countries
  • 10 historical tunings
    • Preset tunings capturing historical periods
  • Over 500 pipe sounds and orchestral voices 
  • The latest in digital technology and stereo imaging
  • Record and playback options built directly into the instrument

The new instrument replaces our 35-year-old organ—that we bought used 25 years ago. The upgrade in technology cannot be overstated!

Old: Three Walls of Electronics
New: Three Computer Processing Units