Altar Servers

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Altar servers assist the clergy in the celebration of the Mass and serve our Lord in the Eucharist.  Altar servers are assigned to a team of 3-4 boys to serve Saturday Vigils or Sunday Masses. Assignments are rotated so that teams serve about every other week. Servers are to arrive no less than 15 minutes before Mass. There is annual training in September/October.

Altar boys, grades 4 and higher, also assist with other liturgies, weddings, baptisms, funerals, processions, school Masses, feasts, holy days, and sacramental Masses. The Diocese of Arlington hosts an annual picnic in August. There are also several group and family activities during the year, including hosting the Vocations Crucifix.

Adult altar servers assist the clergy in the celebration of daily Mass.

Coordinator: Mr. Jose Gbaba


If you can commit 15 hours per year, you will...

Serve 15 liturgies over the course of the year, as well as assist in group meetings and activities.

30 hours...

Serve 30 liturgies over the year, as well as assist in the group meetings and liturgies.

45 hours...

Serve as assistant coordinator of the ministry.

Other ways to help:

Parent volunteers can help with maintaining the surplices and cassocks, and planning group activities.