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Membership in the worldwide Legion of Mary organization fulfills the appeal of the Church for the “New Evangelization”; the call for evangelization in the Diocese through Bishop Loverde’s Pastoral Letter, “Go Forth with Hearts on Fire”; and the Queen of Apostles Parish Vision statement, “growing in discipleship of Christ, eager to invite others to join our family”. For more information about the founding of the Legion of Mary, visit this link.

Our Parish Legion “Praesidium”, under the patronage of Mary, Our Lady of Hope, provides a spiritual resource for personal spiritual formation and a valuable evangelization asset for the parish family.

Spiritual Formation: Active Legionaries attend a weekly meeting of 1.5 hours with a program of prayer, study, allocution, reporting and planning. Active members recite the Legionary “Cetena” daily, and follow the system of the Legion according to its official Handbook. Under the patronage of Our Blessed Mother, the meeting provides personal growth in discipleship and the formation of an intentional community with the object of love and zeal for evangelizing others.

Evangelization: Active members perform a weekly work assignment of two hours, according to Parish needs, reaching out to others in some form of the following:

  • Teaching and/or informing others about Religious Education instruction and RCIA sponsorship
  • Door-to-door visitations offering information and invitation to Queen of Apostles Church, and, if Catholic, offering contacts needed for Religious Education, RCIA, or Sacraments
  • Visiting and praying with the sick in homes or hospitals
  • Contacting families in the parish to foster Catholic devotions, such as enthronement of the Sacred Heart, and visitation of the Pilgrim Virgin statue
  • Contacting and visiting new parishioners to welcome them and offer information. Active members devote approximately 3.5 hours weekly to this ministry.


Contact: legionofmary@queenofapostles.org or call the Parish Office

Officers: Fr. Paul Berghout (Spiritual Director); Matt Godbey (President); Jim Bailey (Vice President); Beau Lovdahl (Secretary); Jean Hetsko (Treasurer)

Other ways to help:

Devote approximately 30 minutes daily as an auxiliary member to pray the Legion “Tessera“, which also includes praying the Rosary.