Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

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We have a written mandate from the Diocese to assist the ordinary ministers of Holy Communion (i.e., Priests and Deacons) during the Liturgy by providing the Holy Eucharist to parishioners at Mass.

A special aspect of this ministry is to take Holy Communion to the parish homebound. We also bring the weekly bulletin to the homebound, make note of any special needs they may have (e.g., requiring Sacrament of Reconciliation), and make note of who received and who did not and why. Ministers may also share the Homily and the readings themselves by bringing along the Missalette.

In the Diocese of Arlington, candidates to be Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion should be at least 18 years of age, exemplary Catholics, and devoted to the Eucharist.

Candidates are required to attend a formation workshop presented by the Office of Divine Worship.


Coordinator: Hilario Mercado

Phone: (703) 820-3013

Email: emhc@queenofapostles.org

Coordinator Since: November 2014

Key Persons: Mike Kirby, Immediate Past Coordinator

If you can commit 15 hours per year, you will...

Perform approximately 7 shifts on the schedule (throughout the year) in service to the parish home bound on Sundays.

30 hours...

15 appearances (Sundays throughout the year) on the home bound schedule on Sundays.

45 hours...

Greet parishioners before and after one weekend service for most weekends throughout the year.

Other ways to help:

There are also opportunities to substitute throughout the year.