Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the protection of the Blessed Mother, this ministry helps adults to deepen their understanding of Holy Scripture and Catholic Tradition, and to acquire basic Bible literacy.

Sessions are taught by well-known experts in Catholic theology via video presentation, which is then followed by a lively facilitated group discussion. There is a nominal fee to cover study materials and program costs.

Many deep friendships have formed among those who have joined these studies and shared their faith, their struggles, and their prayers throughout the years—in the classroom, at optional social activities, and in daily life. The program is directed by a volunteer Steering Group, under the guidance of our pastor.

E-mail: Elizabeth Said elizabethsaid2@gmail.com

Volunteer Opportunities: Discussion Facilitators, Hospitality Team, Logistics & Setup Team, Promotion Team, Social Event Coordinators, Track Leaders

Coordinator: Deacon Vincent Kapral

Coordinator Since: 2021

If you can commit 15 hours per year, you will...

At present there are three semesters—Fall, Winter and Spring—which typically last 8 weeks. Students commit to 90-minute classes once a week, and about an hour of weekly reading and workbook assignments between classes.