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“The musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art. The main reason for this pre­eminence is that, as a combination of sacred music and words, it forms a necessary or integral part of solemn liturgy” (SC112).

Queen of Apostles welcomes Youth and Adults of all skill levels to participate in Music Ministry! Musicians minister to our parish by providing beautiful music that enhances our liturgies. Just as an awe-­inspiring cathedral with statues and stained glass invites Christians into a prayerful and reverent mindset, our liturgical music should do the same.

The goal of our music is to lift the congregation’s hearts and minds to the Lord. Vocalists and instrumentalists have a vocation to bring an atmosphere of prayer and praise to the congregation we serve.

We are always seeking new members that feel called to serve the parish in a musical capacity or support capacity. There are opportunities to serve at the English, Spanish, and Ghanaian Masses.


Adult Choir and Youth Choir – Both choirs provide an opportunity for parishioners to participate as vocalists from September to June. Throughout the year, the choirs sing separately or as part of a combined choir for the 10:00am Mass on Sundays and for other special events and Feast Days. Rehearsals are Tuesday nights in the Choir Room (below the church in Hannan Hall) from 7:30 – 9:00pm.

Instrumentalists – We invite all instrumentalists to contact us about opportunities to play for liturgical services, parish gatherings, and other special events. We welcome all instruments and skill levels. Many of our instrumentalists are also part of our vocal ensembles. Please know that you are always welcome to join our choirs even if you do not consider yourself a singer!

Queen of Apostles School Children’s Choir – The Children’s Choir for School Mass (Grades 4­-8) provides music for the 9:00am Friday weekly mass and approximately once a month for the 12:00pm Sunday Mass throughout the school year. This vocal ensemble is open to students in grades 4-­8 who attend Queen of Apostles and it rehearses every Thursday from 3:15 ­ 4:30pm.

Parish Children’s Choir Coming Soon! Cantors – We are seeking volunteer cantors that feel called to serve the community through song and lift the congregation up in prayer. The Director of Music Ministry (DMM) will provide training to develop individuals as cantors.

Schola Ensembles – Small vocal ensembles or scholas will provide music for liturgies occasionally throughout the year. This is a good opportunity for singers to gain experience as cantors in a small group setting, and also to become more familiar with Gregorian chant.

Spanish Music Ministry – We are seeking parishioners to volunteer as cantors and as members of the Spanish Choir (coming soon). Cantors and the Spanish Choir provide music for the 7:00pm Saturday Spanish Mass from September to June and additionally for special events and Feast Days. Rehearsals are Saturday nights in the Choir Room (below the church in Hannan Hall) at 6:00pm before mass begins.

Ghana Choir – The Ghana Choir provides music for the 3:00pm Sunday Mass and rehearses every Saturday from 7:00 ­to 9:00pm.

Sound/Recording – We are seeking volunteers that are willing to help with sound during the masses with ensembles, especially for special events and Feast Days. We would also like to record some of our music and are seeking volunteers interested in recording, social media, video, etc.

Other Needs – Volunteers are needed to support the Music Ministry program with administrative work such as filing, copying, computer work, and assisting with children before and after rehearsals/masses. Youth in need of Community Service Hours can fulfill their requirements as part of a musical ensemble or by helping the DMM with administrative tasks. If you are interested in volunteering in a non­musical capacity, please contact the DMM with your availability and areas of interest.

Coordinator: Sarah Calvino, Director of Music Ministry

Phone: (703) 354-8711 ext. 17


Coordinator Since: August 2022

If you can commit 15 hours per year, you will...

​Serve as Cantor, Instrumentalist, or Sound Technician for about 1 mass per month. Serve as an adult supervisor for the Children’s Choir before and after masses.

30 hours...

Serve as Cantor, Instrumentalist, or Sound Technician for 2 masses per month. Volunteer an hour of time to administrative tasks every other week.

45 hours...

​Serve as Cantor, Instrumentalist, Sound Technician or a combination weekly throughout the choir season (September to June). Volunteer an hour of time to administrative tasks weekly throughout the choir season (September to June).

Other ways to help:

​Music for our liturgies can be a large commitment, but it is also one of the most vital to our worship and one of the most rewarding. Giving of your time and talent weekly is a sacrifice that the entire parish appreciates and benefits from. If you have been given the gift of music please consider sharing it with your parish family!