Pastor’s Letter | World Mission Sunday

Posted on October 20, 2023 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear Family of the Queen of Apostles,

We must be grateful to God for all the blessings we receive. For this reason, at each Eucharist we pray with these words… “because through Your goodness we have received the bread (and wine) that we offer You.” We are recipients of so much goodness from God. As we receive the living presence of Jesus himself, we say Amen – Yes! to His mercy and love that changes lives in and through us.

A Year ago we created a program to grow together in our “Yes” to the goodness and love of God. It was called “Amen Generosity”, this program helped us see ourselves first as great recipients of everything we are and have: every breath we take and every beat of our heart, with this program we managed to increase our offertory a little, the goal was ten percent or more, however we were not able to increase it as we were looking for, but there were many who did. The offertory that each parishioner offers from Sunday to Sunday has a special mission; they are not donations that remain isolated, they are resources that are used for pastoral care, which is put into practice day by day through our parish ministries. As a parish we must continue to grow in the three areas that I mentioned from the beginning and that I now remind you of.

Promote and grow in missionary discipleship. Growing our parish ministries requires continued investment in resources, paying parish staff and improving facilities, while becoming an active part of a ministry or apostolate group.

Support and strengthen families. Communio, which has a solid history of working with parishes to develop family ministry, in addition in the parish we also have other programs and ministries that aim to form and strengthen family ministry. I invite couples to work for the sanctification of the family.

Educate our Catholic youth: There are three important elements in the parish, our Queen of the Apostles School which is an important ministry and that I need to grow a little more, our parish Religious Education program is also thriving. And this year we have started with the youth ministry, which thank God is growing thanks to the enthusiasm and participation of young people supported by their parents. Although, I clarify that I need more resources to work on this program.

Thank you for saying ‘yes’ to being part of the Queen of the Apostles family and for actively collaborating with your donations, your prayers and your spirituality, your time and your love for the kingdom.

Finally, I thank you for your messages of affection and congratulations on my birthday last Wednesday, the 18th. God bless you, I have had you and have you in my prayers; I also ask you to keep me in your prayers and also pray for my priestly ministry; I am very happy to be your pastor and to be in this parish. I thank you for your support and I ask you to help me continue guiding this parish according to the will of our Lord; Know that in my imperfections and my faults I try to do the best I can to bring you closer to God. Again, thank you very much for your charity towards me, know that I love you very much. May the immaculate heart of Mary to whom we have consecrated ourselves help us to continue working for our holiness. I have you in my prayers.

P. Alex