Pastor’s Letter | Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted on September 8, 2021 View all News

Dear parishioners:

We have started the month of September and that means that the summer period is over and it is time to change our routine, and all the children and young people have returned to school and have begun to focus on their education. I hope you have had a good summer and that family life has brought you closer together and that you have been able to rest as necessary to start this new stage of the year.

This Sunday’s liturgy leads us to contemplate the healing of a deaf man with speech impediments (Mk.7: 32). Whenever I see Jesus performing these miracles in the gospel, it fills me with hope because I am certain that God will
never allow me to be separated from his love. Indeed, the healings of the sick that Jesus performs go much further than just restoring health. They are aimed at achieving in us the break with the blindness, deafness or immobility of our heart. And, ultimately, a true communion of faith and love.

We all suffer from these diseases in certain ways; that is why we must always feel loved by God, in his infinite mercy. We must always allow Jesus to approach each one and open our senses, to be able to see, hear and speak fully. “Ephphatha” which means “open”, to grace, to the joy of holiness, to being a man and a woman of faith and hope. Let us allow ourselves to be touched by Jesus. Speaking of the parish environment, with great joy I share that the profit from the Parish Festival was $ 31,728.52; it was worth the effort and all the work we did as a parish family.
Thank you very much for your effort, and everyone’s participation; I think that if at this first festival we have had such great success, then I am hopeful that the next festivals will be even better.

Also, as you may have realized we have already started the reconstruction of Hannan Hall. I ask for your patience because at least it will be unavailable for the next eight weeks; it will be a sacrifice that we will have to make in order to later be more comfortable in our group and ministry meetings. The bathrooms, floor, ceiling, kitchen and windows will be completely changed, and a movable division will be placed in the center so that there are two meetings at the same time. I am very excited about this effort.

Finally I inform you that since last week we have a Psychologist in the parish, who will collaborate giving therapy and counseling either in English or Spanish to those who need it, I have realized that it is necessary to have a Catholic psychologist who can help the parishioners With mental health, to schedule a session call him directly, his name is Cesar Marius and his phone number is (301) 675-47830. Sessions will be in the parish office.

I wish you a happy Labor Day: enjoy it with your family and friends.

God Bless you,

Fr. Alex