Pastor’s Letter | Third Sunday of Easter

Posted on April 21, 2023 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear parishioners,

We are celebrating the third Sunday of Easter. This Sunday the gospel presents us with the passage of the disciples of Emmaus; those two walkers who return without courage and with much pessimism and pain in their hearts before the death of Jesus whom they had seen as a liberator of Israel; but now for them everything is over, they have lost hope, joy and believe that everything has ended with the cross. Pope Francis, on more than one occasion, has told us: “do not let yourselves be robbed of hope or joy“, I think that in the face of the events that the world is currently experiencing it is easy to resemble the disciples of Emmaus, the economic crisis, social, spiritual and moral in which the world has been submerged does not allow us on more than one occasion to lose the desire to continue walking. But nevertheless Jesus walks with us, encourages us and accompanies us, we just must not ignore him. Saint Paul in the Letter to the Ephesians affirms that Christians cannot live like pagans who live without God and without hope (cf. Eph 2,12). Let’s not forget that even if everything seems to end, Jesus is always there to guide us, because he is alive and once he is resurrected he does not die anymore.

Changing context, I congratulate the 45 young people who received the sacrament of Confirmation last Thursday, April 13, in a very solemn and well-organized celebration. Let us pray for these young people who were sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit, so that they may be good Christians and who live their faith in Jesus Christ with much love. I am especially grateful to the catechists who trained them, especially Vincent Guevara from the religious education program of the parish and the teacher Rita Curley from our school, both did a magnificent job. I cannot stop thanking Miss Karla Aleman, coordinator of Religious Education this year and to Mrs. Magdalena López and volunteers for their dedication and sacrifice. God bless you for all your effort. The bishop was very impressed by the good organization and formation of the young boys and girls. I want to congratulate you all for your effort.

As I have announced in other letters, this year our parish celebrates 60 years of foundation, our bishop Michael Burbirdge will be with us to celebrate and give thanks to God for all these years of pastoral fruit, on June 4, the bishop will celebrate the holy mass at 12 noon, then we will have a sharing in the school gym. I am letting you know almost two months in advance so you can put it on your calendars. I greatly appreciate Richard and Clarisa Sacra for their willingness to agree to organize the reception that day, it will be a potluck, soon we will give you more information on how you can participate with their delicious dishes, we have decided to do this sharing as a sign of unity, as a sign that We are a community of faith that shares and has shared in these 60 years. I hope you can participate. Last week invitations were sent to all the priests who have been in this parish, both those who have been parish priests and vicars. I know that most of them will not be able to participate because it is Sunday, but they know that they are still remembered in this, that was once their house.

I hope you have a week full of blessings for the risen Jesus