Pastor’s Letter | The Baptism of the Lord

Posted on January 19, 2022 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus and Mary,

I wish you all a happy feast of the Baptism of the Lord; with this feast, we end our Christmas season and we begin ordinary time. At Christmas, Jesus manifests His deep love for humanity that He comes to save with great love. This feast invites us to meditate on our Christian reality and baptismal commitment. Through this sacrament, we become children of God and heirs of the kingdom of heaven. It is a day to meditate on this grace; at the same time, let us remember the day of our baptism and pray for the priest or deacon who baptized us. This feast is to meditate on this and much more.

After having celebrated Christmas and the end of the year, we have to return to the reality of our parish life. This New Year, we have to propose goals and dreams that inspire us to continue walking and not allow the difficulties of this time to decay us apart from the grace of God. We have to have confidence in God who gives us life. For this, we have to nourish ourselves with the body and blood of Jesus, attending holy mass. At the same time, I also invite you to frequent confession; confession helps us have the inner strength to move forward and maintain inner peace.

In this New Year, we will work on forming our ministries and putting more emphasis on spirituality and prayer, and the only way forward is to promote evangelization and spiritual growth. Together with the pastoral council, we will begin to give more life and more enthusiasm to our parish. As many of you already know, last November, our bishop inaugurated the first year of jubilee in our diocese in preparation for the fifty years of its creation as a diocese. This year will be dedicated to the Eucharist. For this reason, all our formations and pastoral activities will be aimed at adoration and meditation on the Eucharistic mystery.

I also would like to inform you that this year, we will change the online donation company. We currently use Faith Direct; I know that for several years this platform has been used to make online donations, but this program no longer evolves, and it is difficult for many to use it. For this reason, to make the online donation easier for everyone, I have opted for a change to a better company. Starting in March of this year we will begin to use PushPay; it is easier for everyone and it is more secure. I ask you to please consider starting to switch to the new platform. Throughout this month, we will give you more information so that you can change as soon as possible.

Finally, I appreciate your commitment to our parish, your parish; without your enthusiasm and your love for it, we would not walk. I hope that this year, the second of the pandemic, we will not allow ourselves to be robbed of hope but rather see us unite more and grow more in our faith. Remember that with God, we are invincible.

God bless you.

Fr.  Alex