Pastor’s Letter | Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted on July 21, 2023 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear parishioners:

Jesus continues to surprise us with the announcement of the Kingdom, for this as a great pedagogue and educator, he uses parables with meanings that we can use for the growth of our inner life and discover his mystery in our lives. Among the parables that he proposes, there are two that I would like to briefly comment on, the parable of the seed and the tares and the parable of the mustard seed. Evil, sin, division, among others, are the weeds that have always grown together with the charity and love that God has instilled in our lives since he created us, it is a reality that will always be there and that is necessary for our spiritual growth. Generally we are afraid of mixing with the weeds, because when the seed is fertilized it becomes strong, that is where the challenge of Christians who are good seed is; they run the risk of being suffocated by the bad influence of the tares but at the same time the good seed is like the good example of love in the midst of a world that lacks charity. It is not necessary to have the tares present for the good seed to sprout and flourish, but in a world like ours where the reality of sin surrounds us and many people suffer the effects of evil, Jesus Christ expects us to be willing to be his hands and feet always open to his mercy and ready to share it. Charity is expressed, it becomes visible with other people, even with people who act badly and do harm.

I continue to invite the altar boys to the training that we will have for them on August 5 at 10:00 am, so far only two have confirmed their attendance. This training is for all children and adolescents who are already altar servers and for all those who are not yet and are interested in becoming one; I invite parents with children who have already received their first communion to be part of this ministry, we need more altar servers.

Two weeks ago we sent the tickets and the letter for the parish festival raffle. I beg you please to send the tickets as soon as possible, so that the staff and volunteers begin to work and complete the entire process. Remember that the raffle is the one that provides the most profit for the parish, if you need to sell more tickets, do not hesitate to call the office and we can send them to you by mail or you can come to the parish office if you wish. Also on the weekend of August 5 and 6, our Staff will be promoting the festival and the raffle, also there you will be able to buy your tickets for both the raffle and for the games, food and other festival activities so you avoid queuing up on the day of the event.

I want to especially encourage all those adults, who are missing the sacraments of Christian initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Communion) to enroll in the Christian Initiation of Adults program, this course will be taught on Mondays in Spanish and Tuesdays in English, please do not be afraid to enroll and you can receive all the sacraments next year at Easter Vigil. At the same time I ask you not to forget to register your children for the religious program, do not leave something so important to the last moment; Education in the faith is something of the utmost importance in our parish. The parish office is open and you can come whenever you want.

I hope you have a blessed week and don’t forget to give God the best.