Pastor’s Letter | Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted on July 26, 2021 View all News

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

On this last weekend of July, the Liturgy of the Word is centered on the food that, grounded in the providence of God, will never be lacking. This Sunday, Jesus multiplies the loaves and fishes presented by a boy that will serve to feed the crowd. Nobody asks Jesus to intervene. It is he, himself, who senses the hunger of those people and decides to feed them; Jesus not only fed people the Good News of God, but he was also concerned about bodily needs.

On this occasion, for Jesus to perform this miracle, someone must share a little of what they have. An unknown boy makes this possible; his availability to share everything he has is the way to feed those people. Jesus will do the rest. He takes the young man’s loaves in his hands, gives thanks to God, and begins to “distribute them,” and that is where the miracle occurs. I wonder how many miracles we would rob Jesus of if only humanity were more generous and shared food with those who need it. If there is hunger in the world, it is not because of a food shortage but because of a lack of solidarity. Although there is bread for everyone, there is a lack of generosity to share it. Unfortunately, the march of the world is in the hands of inhuman economic power. At the same time, we are afraid to share what we have, and people are starving for the irrational selfishness of this society.

Speaking of the parish events, I want to thank my brothers, Knights of Columbus, and some parishioners that donated for the Altar Servers picnic last Saturday, July 17th. Thank you, Knights, for preparing the burgers and hot dogs. The burgers and hot dogs were very delicious. Thank you so much for all the work done that day. The boys and their families enjoyed it a lot. God bless you for such valuable support to the future Knights of our parish.

Also, I want to thank Seminarian Alfredo Tuesta, who has been working in our parish for the past eight weeks; this week is the last he will be with us. It was very gratifying to have him among us. He did a fantastic apostolic work of spiritual formation. He put a lot of care in the preparation of the intensive course on the Holy Mass, at the same time that he got involved in other areas of our parish; I invite you to come and thank him since it is the last weekend that he will be with us. His last day in the parish will be the 31st of this month. Thank you very much, Alfredo. Remember that this parish will always be your home.

Finally, I thank all those supporting the preparations for our summer festival, some have already returned the tickets sold, and little by little we see the results. I invite you to participate in this parish raffle. At the same time, I ask you to help us as volunteers on the festival day; for this next weekend, we will have some sign-up sheets where you can register and leave your information. Remember that the festival’s main objective is to meet again and unite as a family of faith and thus go back to our everyday activities. The festival is like saying: Welcome back to your home!
Thank you so much for being so supportive. I have you in my prayers.
Fr. Alex