Pastor’s Letter | September 24-25

Posted on November 9, 2022 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear parishioners,

Today in the Gospel, Jesus confronts us with the social injustice that is born from the inequalities between rich and poor. It seems like one of the distressing images that we are used to seeing on televisión; the story of Lazarus moves us, the rich man wore purple dresses, while the poor man had wounds for clothing. The situation of equality arrives immediately: both died. One came to Abraham’s side and the other to perdition in eternal damnation. God’s justice is always right. God does not allow the poor to remain forever in suffering, hunger and misery. This story has moved millions of rich hearts throughout history and has led to the conversion of multitudes, but what message will it take in our developed, hyper-communicated, globalized world to make us aware of the injustices of which we are authors or, at least, accomplices? All those who listened to the message of Jesus had the desire to rest in the bosom of Abraham. But how many people in our world are blinded by wealth and are willing to lose heaven for not sharing with the poor? True wealth is getting to see God, and what is needed is what Saint Augustine said: “Walk through man and you will reach God.” May the Lazarus’ of each day help us to find God.

Last weekend, we put into practice this universal work of the church at the ministry fair, I thank all the groups and ministries that promoted and recruited new members. Now it is up to us to pray so that these members begin to persevere and that in the future we will have many spiritual fruits. I also thank everyone who worked to put everything in place to make it a success, especially the Knights of Columbus who donated free hotdogs for everyone and for their hard work and support of the parish. God bless you for your generosity.

I also want to start talking to you about a new project that we will start next month, it is an invitation to say YES to the enlargement of the Kingdom of God starting with our parish, which is our spiritual home where we grow in faith and where we are spiritually nourished. The project is called “Amen Generosity” and it will help us to see ourselves first as great receivers of everything we have and are: and above all to be grateful for life, health, and for every beat of our heart. Secondly, this path leads us to say Amen to allow God’s loving generosity to flow through us to be a blessing to others. We do this as a church in active mission in our world by donating what we have, you will soon receive a letter where I will explain all this in more detail.

Finally, I remind those who have pets that next Tuesday, October 4th we will have the blessing of animals, it will be at 5:00pm in front of the parish. October 4th is the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, and it is a beautiful occasion to bless our pets, which give us so much happiness. No need to sign up, just bring your pets and we’ll bless give them a special blessing.

God bless you and have a nice week,

Fr. Alex