Pastor’s Letter | Pentecost Sunday

Posted on May 26, 2023 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear brothers in Christ Jesus,

Today, throughout the universal church, we celebrate the great Solemnity of Pentecost. With this solemnity the universality of the Church begins, and from that day it will be the force that will guide and inspire it forever. That day, the apostles along with Mary were filled with the Holy Spirit, and they boldly began to preach. Those frightened men had been transformed into brave preachers who did not fear jail, torture, or martyrdom. It is not weird; the strength of the Spirit was in them and will continue to this day working permanently. As Christians we must be clear that “The Holy Spirit”, Third Person of the Holy Trinity, is the soul of our soul, the life of our life, the being of our being; he is our sanctifier, the guest of my deepest interior. In order to reach maturity in the life of faith, the relationship with Him must be increasingly conscious, more personal. In this celebration of Pentecost let us open wide the doors of our interior.

Thanks to this life-giving action of the Holy Spirit, our parish is growing little by little and our ministries are also strengthening; To be honest, many discourage me when I see that many do not get involved in pastoral and evangelizing action; It seems that they are not interested, but then I react and think about all the positive things we have and when we have grown, I know that the few groups we have need more members and to be a little more active, but I always ask for the action of the Holy Spirit to May he guide you and give you the strength to continue and so that that apostolic desire may awaken in your hearts. We must let the strength of the Holy Spirit awaken his gifts in us, and we continue to evangelize, there is still much to do.

Time flies by and we are about to end the school year and in less than two weeks our children will be enjoying their vacation, but first we must congratulate the eighth grade students who will graduate on Friday June 2nd. I congratulate them and wish them the best, I invite everyone as a parish to pray for them as they finish another stage in their lives, next year they will begin their stage in High School. As a Catholic school we feel honored to be able to be part of the lives of these young people, and of their future, I ask God to make them honorable citizens who honor our country.

Next Saturday, June 3, our bishop will confer the sacrament of Holy Orders on 8 deacons, there will be eight young priests for our diocese, I invite you to keep them in your prayers, for our diocese it is a great gift, these new priests come to give more joy and dynamism to the pastoral care of our diocese. This year our diocese has 9 new priests, since May 27 when our bishop ordained the deacon Elder Maldonado in Rome who, due to immigration reasons, could not be ordained with his other eight deacon companions. Let us pray and thank God for the great gift of the priesthood.

Finally, don’t forget that next Sunday we will celebrate our 60th anniversary and everyone is invited to participate in the mass that our Bishop Michael Burbidge will preside over and concelebrated by various priests who in the past have served as either pastors or parochial vicars. I also invite you all to share a dish at the potluck.

Have a wonderful week.

God bless you