Pastor’s Letter | October 22-23

Posted on November 9, 2022 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear Queen of Apostles Family,

We have been so blessed. Every Eucharist, we pray these words. For through your goodness, we have received the bread (and the wine) we offer you… We are receivers of so much goodness from God. As we receive the living presence of Jesus himself, we say Amen! – Yes! to his life-changing mercy and love in and through us.

This year we are introducing an important new path as we grow in our “yes” to God’s goodness and love. Called Amen Generosity, this path helps us see ourselves first as great receivers of all that we have and are – every breath we take and every beat of our hearts. Second, this path leads us to say Amen! to letting God’s loving generosity flow through us to be a blessing to others. We do this as the Church in mission to our world. I have witnessed firsthand from so many of you how you have been a channel of God’s goodness and loving generosity in our community. But our Lord is hardly done with us. We will continue to lovingly care for people every day through our parish ministries, and we want to grow forward in some very important ways:

  1. Missionary discipleship. To grow our parish ministries requires continued investment in resources such as staff time and facilities.
  2. Support and strengthen families. To build Communio which has a strong track record of working with parishes to build a family ministry.
  3. Educate our Catholic youth. To ensure the future of Queen of Apostles School which is growing, and our parish religious education program as well.

Thank you for saying Amen! to being a part of the Queen of Apostles family. More information will be shared in the weeks ahead. For now, pray with me that we will be great receivers and givers of God’s goodness and loving generosity for the vital mission to which we have been called. 

I appreciate your expressions of affection and your congratulations last Tuesday on my birthday, God bless you, I have had you and I continue to have you in my prayers; I also ask you to pray for me and for my priestly ministry; I am very happy to be your pastor and to be in this parish. Last Saturday in the procession to Our Lady of Fatima, I thanked her for the gift of having brought me to work with you and consecrated all of you under her immaculate heart. I thank you for your support and I ask you to help me continue guiding this parish in accordance with the will of our Lord. Know that in my imperfections and my faults I try to do my best to bring you closer to God. Again, thank you very much for your kindness towards me, know that I love you very much. May the immaculate heart of Mary, to whom we have consecrated ourselves, help us to continue working for our holiness. I have you in my prayers.

Fr. Alex