Pastor’s Letter | November 12-13

Posted on November 10, 2022 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear parishioners,

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful autumn time, this season inspires me a lot to rediscover the presence of God in nature and to enjoy His perfection; when I see the colors of the leaves change, it is an unequivocal sign of His presence among us.

We are two weeks away from the end of this liturgical year, next Sunday we will celebrate the feast of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe and soon we will begin a new liturgical year. Soon we will announce the calendar with the different activities for Advent and Christmas so that you can add them to your schedule and participate.

I would like to invite all married couples to participate in our next event, hosted by GEM, Family Advent Preparation, which we will have next Sunday, November 20th in Hannan Hall at 1:30 pm. It will be an afternoon to reflect on how we should prepare ourselves as a family during Advent, which prepares us for Christmas. Child care will be provided. Each couple will have the opportunity to make their own Advent wreath with a reflection given by a priest. All marriages are welcome.

As you may have noticed, the new carpet is already being installed in the church. Last year we had a company come and try to wash the carpet to make it look more presentable, but we discovered that there was no solution, and the best thing was to install a new one. Thank God that project is about to be finished; my desire is to keep the temple of our Lord clean and presentable as possible, because for God the best is always given. I thank you for your patience and collaboration so that this and other projects are carried out in the best possible way.

Next week is the week dedicated to Catholic Schools, it is a week to pray for our school and also to promote it; thank God our school is improving; our principal is striving together with all the faculty and staff to make each day better and provide a better education to our children. I thank all those who directly sponsor our children at school, God bless you. Your donations help low-income students to have a quality education. I encourage those parents who have children of school age to consider sending them to our school, the best thing that can be given to a child is a good education. Remember, we live in times of moral crisis in public schools, sending your children here would help you a lot.

I hope everyone has a joyful week.

God bless you,                                      

Fr. Alex