Pastor’s Letter | July 9-10

Posted on September 1, 2022 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear parishioners,

I hope you enjoyed celebrating Independance Day with your family and friends, it has been a very nice occasion to meet again and to share. We are moving forward in our walk of faith and this Sunday we celebrate the fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. This Sunday’s Gospel should invite us to think more fully about our love for our neighbor; to love and help others imitating the Good Samaritan, it lifts our spirit and makes us fly higher.

Loving others with deeds is where love is manifested. Do not pass by!: “It is Christ Himself who raises His voice in the poor to awaken the charity of His disciples” (affirms the Second Vatican Council in a document). Being a Good Samaritan means changing plans, spending time caring for those in need, listening, and healing the wounded flesh of Christ. This leads us to also contemplate the figure of the innkeeper, who took care of Him with love and dedication. Saint John Paul II said: “What could I have done without the innkeeper? In fact, the innkeeper, remaining anonymous, did most of the work. We can all act like him, fulfilling our own tasks with a spirit of service. Every occupation offers the opportunity, more or less directly, to help those who need it (…). The faithful fulfillment of one’s professional duties is already practicing love for people and society”. Leaving everything to welcome those who need it and doing the job well for love, are the two ways of loving that correspond to us: “Who… do you think was a neighbor?” ‘The one who showed mercy to him’. Jesus said to him: ‘Go and do the same'” (Lk 10,36-37).

Thanks to God and to the prayers of many of you our school is growing, I have seen that there is great interest from many parents to send their children to our school, that gives me great joy, because evangelization through good education is being recognized. I invite those parents who have children in elementary/middle school age to send their children to our school. I also invite those parishioners who have the financial means to support a child with a scholarship, to please do so. With your generosity you will be helping to educate the future of our parish and our society. One of the problems why some parents do not send their children to a Catholic School is because of the economic cost. If we join together supporting a child with a scholarship (or part of it), then our school will grow more and we will face the crisis of values ​​that Catholic schools’ are facing.

Finally, I want to remind you that registration for our Religious Education program is now open and you can register as soon as possible. Remember that the sooner you register, the sooner we will start preparing the materials. I also invite those adults who have not yet completed their sacraments to sign up for the RCIA program so you can receive the sacraments at next year’s Easter Vigil.

I have you in my prayers,

F. Alex