Pastor’s Letter July 2-3

Posted on September 1, 2022 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,

In this Sunday’s gospel, Jesus invites us to observe reality and the need for apostolic commitment, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few.” These words contain a call to action, to “work for the Kingdom”, to look around and discover that there are many people who need our help because they walk through life like “sheep without a shepherd”. From each of our own realities, Jesus calls us to commit ourselves seriously to our vocation and put it at the service of others and not to be indifferent, individualistic, and oblivious to the needs of the multitudes because that is what is killing humanity. Pope Francis constantly reminds us, we must flee from indifference. We must work for the reconstruction of our world, beginning with our own families, our parish, and everything that needs the light and grace of God. We are experiencing a moral crisis and only we as Christians are going to change it, and that must be today, because as He says, “get on the path”, in other words we have to start today.

Changing the subject. I thank all of you for your support and financial collaboration with our parish. We ended the fiscal year on June 30th and thank God we finished very well with a profit that has allowed us to buy some things that were not in the budget but that are necessary to save costs in the future. My dream as your pastor is to modernize the facilities, to provide you with what is necessary, to make sure that our groups and all our activities have what they need. All this is thanks to your commitment and the unity that we maintain.

I also inform you that as of July 1st, Christendom College has stopped using the building next to our parish. For this reason, as of July 1st, it will be called “Guadalupe Pastoral Center”- we will use this space for meetings and activities. We will have to make some small repairs, but I hope that soon we will be able to use it fully and that the groups and ministries will have more space and can grow.

This upcoming August 20th, we will hold our second annual Family Festival! We have already started prepping for this festival. This week you will begin to receive the tickets for the raffle; this year we will have more prizes $4,000, $2,000 and three prizes of $1,000. The raffle seeks to have a profit for the parish and the value of the ticket is $5.00 each. Along with the tickets you will also receive a letter where I explain the details of the raffle: there are 10 tickets per family.   I ask you to please participate and buy the tickets, the more we sell, the more profit we will have for our parish.

Finally, this weekend we celebrate the day of our independence. I believe that it is a day to pray for our nation, for our leaders in government, and for the needs of our country. At the same time give thanks to God for everything great and beautiful that we possess. As your pastor and on behalf of the entire parish staff I wish you all a Happy Fourth of July, enjoy it as a family and may you rest and celebrate.

God bless you all and Happy Independence Day.

Fr. Alex