Pastor’s Letter | Good Shepherd Sunday

Posted on April 19, 2024 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear parishioners:

We are celebrating the fourth Sunday of Easter, also called Good Shepherd Sunday. On this Sunday the church invites us to pray for the increase in priestly vocations, and to ask the risen Jesus to provide us with shepherds according to His heart; Let us take a moment to ask the supreme shepherd to give us saints and wise priests. Through the shepherds, Christ gives his Word, distributes his grace in the sacraments and leads the flock towards the Kingdom: He gives himself as food in the sacrament of the Eucharist, imparts the Word of God and His Magisterium, and guides with request to his People. Jesus has sought for his Church pastors according to his heart, that is, men who, through the Sacrament of Orders, represent him and acts as the “in persona Christi” men who give their lives for their sheep, with pastoral charity, with humble spirit of service, with clemency, patience and strength. Saint Augustine frequently spoke of this demanding responsibility of the pastor: “This honor of Pastor has me worried (…), but where I am terrified by the fact that I am for you, I am consoled by the fact that I am among you (.. .). I am a Bishop for you, I am a Christian with you.” (Saint Augustine Sermon, 176A). Each of us, as parishioners and Christians, work to grow the kingdom of God in communion with our pastors Pope Francis and our Bishop Burbidge, successors of the apostles and we pray for them, we love them and we obey them.

Next Thursday we will have our second parish golf tournament, “Queens Cup”; There is still an opportunity for you to register to participate, the tournament will take place at Westfields Golf Club, starting at 8:30am. The funds raised from this tournament will be used to support our school and parish. You can also be one of our sponsors, for more information contact the parish office or visit our website.

This week the diocese informed me that this year we have once again exceeded the goal assigned in the “Bishop’s Lenten Appeal” (BLA). Thanks to God, and the unity and generosity of all, we have achieved it. Achieving this diocesan goal is not only an isolated achievement, it is rather a sign of unity, at the same time it is a great message of parish fraternity. On behalf of our Bishop Michael Burbidge, I thank you for your efforts and support. God bless you always and know that you are always in his prayers.

Finally, I want to invite you to participate in the parish pilgrimage to the Marian Shrines of Portugal, France and Spain, in September of this year. Visiting these sanctuaries is a special blessing, it is visiting the places where our mother appeared with a different message.We still have several spaces available, I know there are many who are still thinking about it. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to visit or call the parish office. It will be a blessing if you accompany us to visit our Mother.

Happy Good Shepherd Sunday.

Fr Alex