Pastor’s Letter | Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted on January 28, 2022 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear parishioners,

Grace and peace to all. I hope you are well and that you continue working for the construction of the kingdom of God. Thank God we have already finished the first month of the year 2022 with the hope that the pandemic begins to decrease. I am very happy because we have begun to have an almost normal parish life; although there is always some fear in some of you. I always ask God in my prayers for each one of you so that you may overcome the pandemic of fear that does not allow us to meet again.

I want to remind you that next Sunday, February 06, we will have our monthly Social Sunday. This is a beautiful opportunity to share and to reintegrate as a parish and as a community. As in the past, our volunteers will prepare everything to welcome you after the masses so don’t forget to stop by for coffee and a nice conversation after each mass.

Like every year, at the beginning of the year, we have a week dedicated to Catholic schools. This year it will be from January 31st to February 6th. It is a special week to pray and to promote our parish school. Thanks be to God that this year the number of children have increased a little, but we still have a lot of work to do. I invite you to help me pray for the faculty and staff of the school. They do a lot and give a lot so that our children have a quality education; I am very happy with the work they do! God bless them for such a precious ministry. Next week we will have a table in the vestibule to promote our school after each mass. If you need information, feel free to stop by the table. I also want to invite those who have the ability to sponsor a child in our school, to be encouraged to help us. Many parents would like to send their children to school but do not have enough resources to do so. For next year, I am going to create a program that we will call “One more Child” , which will be a way of looking for donors who wish to help a new child in our parish who wants to be educated with us. It would be a beautiful apostolate because they would be helping to form a Christian and a citizen of the future. I invite you to pray for this intention.

this week we have sent out the 2021 contribution letters so you can present it at the time of doing your taxes. If you have not received it yet or have any questions about it, please do no hesitate to call the parish office. As your pastor, i am very grateful for your support and love for the parish, despite the hard challenges of the pandemic, you have always sent your donations and thanks to this we have continues with our work of evangelization. God bless you always for your generosity.

Finally, I apologize that last week you did not receive the parish bulletin, the mail carrier had an accident and the bulletins did not arrive on time.

I have you in my prayers,

F. Alex