Pastor’s Letter | Fifth Sunday of Easter

Posted on May 5, 2023 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus and Mary,

We have started the month of May, the month of Mary, a month that we dedicate to exalting the virtues of our mother, as Catholic Christians we must have a great love for our lady, because as a mother she always intercedes for us her children; Saint John Bosco used to say that “devotion and love to Mary Most Holy is protection and a powerful weapon against the wiles of the devil”, so this month let us pray more intensely with the Holy Rosary and place at the feet of the mother all our intentions. In this context, on the weekend of the 13th and 14th of this year we are going to do the coronation of our Mother, and we will rededicate ourselves to her and to her maternal protection.

On May 13, 26 children from the Religious Education program of our parish will receive their first communion. It is a special celebration because children are the future of the church and they will receive Jesus for the first time in the Eucharist. I congratulate and thank our catechists Sharon and Joseph De León, Marcia Trevlino and Henriette Bion, who have worked hard to educate you in the faith and show you the way to heaven; In the same way, I invite all parents to continue educating them in the faith.

I believe that a parish priest has the right to share the joys and sorrows with his parishioners, because that is also part of mutual growth in faith, these last few weeks I have been very stressed and worried, since last year the roof of the school is in very bad conditions, and I practically don’t think it will last another winter and it has to be changed at least this summer, the problem is that we don’t have the necessary funds to do it; The total cost is half a million dollars. As your parish priest, I ask you to help me pray to find a donor or someone to help us repair it. Otherwise, we will have to look for a loan. Therefore, from now on, I invite you to increase  a little more into your weekly contributions to be able to repair this small problem. I have faith that Our Mother Mary will raise up generous hearts to help us.

I inform you that the Religious Education registration for next year will begin next week, come to the parish office and register your children; Please do not leave it to the last moment, the religious and spiritual education of your children is very important, do it with time, and thus help us to calculate the number of students for the next year 2023-2024.

As I had already informed you, this year our parish celebrates 60 years of foundation, our bishop Michael Burbidge, will be with us to celebrate and give thanks to God for all these years of pastoral fruit, on June 4, the bishop will celebrate the holy mass at 12 noon, then we will have a sharing, I will notify you in advance so that you can put it on your calendar and participate. That day we will have a potluck, soon we will give you more information on how you can participate with your delicious dishes, we have decided to do this sharing as a sign of unity, as a sign that we are a community of faith that shares and has shared in these 60 years

Finally, we are about to start the month of May, the month dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and I invite everyone to pray the rosary every day, asking for the intentions of our bishop, for our diocese and for our parish, especially so that the virgin moves our hearts more and we commit ourselves to the evangelizing task. We need more volunteers who commit to continue with the project of Jesus.

I wish you all a happy week