Pastor’s Letter | Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted on July 9, 2021 View all News

Dear parishioners,
I hope you enjoyed our Independence Day celebrations with your family and friends; it has been a wonderful occasion to gather again and share with those we love. We are advancing in our faith journey, and this Sunday, we celebrate the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Today, Jesus sends the twelve, two by two, to preach. The time has come to spread the gospel and carry out the mission that will be the heart and life of the church in the future. This news is for everyone, and no one should be left out of this liberating teaching; no one can be excluded from the infinite love of God. It is necessary to reach the last corner of the world. Equipped only with faith and trust in Him, He sends them without any material burden because the effectiveness of the mission does not come from human or material influences but the divine power of God and the sincerity of faith and the testimony of the life of every apostle. More than two thousand years later, it is up to us, as new disciples, to follow the church’s missionary work. May we awaken the desire to preach the gospel of Jesus with our testimony of life.

In this missionary spirit, I share my joy for the positive response to the formation meetings on the Holy Mass that Alfredo Tuesta is holding weekly. There are almost 70 who participate, and I am pleased, and that encourages me to continue creating these formation courses. Many have asked me if we will continue with other topics, and the answer is yes. I intend to continue this evangelization process in the coming months. Congratulations to all those participating, and I encourage you to invite others to be part of this catechesis.

Also, I invite all the altar boys to participate in the picnic that we are preparing for you on July 17th. I encourage parents to bring their children to participate, we still have not met all the altar boys, and it will be an excellent opportunity to share with them, play, share lunch, and spend some time with them. Please, call the parish office to register them, so we have an approximate number of participants to prepare for the picnic.

As many of you know, last week we reopened the Adoration Chapel, only two days. Thank God the response was positive, and we managed to have the adorers for the two days and the nighttime. My idea is to have the Lord exposed for more time; by August, I wish that we can begin worship on Thursday morning. We will have sign-up sheets in the vestibule, and you can register for the time you would like to be with the Lord. Then, if we manage to have all the adorers for 24 hours, we will start on Thursdays after Mass at 6:30 am.

As I announced to you last week, we have started preparing for the parish family festival scheduled for August 21st in the afternoon. We are creating teams to help throughout the festival. These teams require volunteers, and I ask you to please help me by participating in these teams; your contribution as a volunteer is essential to me as a pastor and as a spiritual father of this parish. My wish is that this festival is like a new beginning and to create an atmosphere of a parish community. Therefore, I invite you to work together for our parish. I am very excited about this festival, we have a lot to enjoy that day, and I will inform you in the coming weeks about the activities we will have. I also remind you that next week you will receive the envelope with the tickets to participate in the raffle of $ 5000, $3000, and $1000 dollars, each family will receive ten tickets, each ticket has the value of $5.00, please bring the sold or unsold tickets to the parish office as soon as possible for us to begin preparing the prizes for the raffle. The more tickets we sell, the greater the profit for the parish.

I hope you have a blessed week. I have you in my prayers.

Fr. Alex