Pastor’s Letter | Corpus Christi Sunday

Posted on June 9, 2023 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear brothers and sisters,

This weekend we celebrate the solemnity of Corpus Christi, we celebrate the Eucharistic presence of Christ among us, the “gift par excellence”: «This is my body (…). This is my blood» (Mc 14,22.24). The Eucharist is the presence of Christ among us. The risen and glorious Christ remains among us in a mysterious but real way in the Eucharist. This presence implies an attitude of adoration on our part and an attitude of personal communion with Him. The Eucharistic presence guarantees us that He remains among us and operates the work of salvation. The Eucharist is a mystery of faith. It is the center and the key to the life of the Church. It is the source and root of Christian existence. Without the Eucharistic experience, the Christian faith would be reduced to a philosophy, but by faith we know that this is not the case, it is the greatest miracle, it is His living presence, which feeds us and accompanies us at all times.

This week we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our parish. I am very happy because it was a very organized celebration in all aspects, our bishop was very pleased with the celebration of the Eucharist and with the reception after mass, it was a very participatory mass and the union in cultural diversity was felt. Thank you all so much for making all this possible, staff, volunteers and everyone who shared your food, it was truly a great feast of faith. Our bishop asked me to congratulate us and encourage us on his behalf to continue our spiritual growth. God bless you for your participation.

We have already started working on the summer festival that this year will be on August 19 from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm, last year was a success due to the participation of all of you, we hope that this year will be better than the previous one. In the coming weeks you will receive more information and in the first weeks of July you will receive the tickets for this year’s big raffle. I also invite those who wish to sponsor a food stand or wish to donate for the purchase of materials or the sponsorship of a game for the children are welcome to donate, also if you wish to promote your company or business do not hesitate to contact the parish office to explain. All financial donations are welcome.

This week I received a letter from our Bishop Burbidge, in which he expressed his joy and gratitude for the support received in the “Bishop’s Lenten Appeal” (BLA), thanks to God, to the unity and generosity of all, we managed to overcome the goal that was given to us, that is a great achievement because it shows that we are a community of faith, that we are a church that walks in communion with its pastor. On behalf of our Bishop, I thank you for your effort and your support, God bless you always and know that you are always in his prayers.

Finally, I want to thank all the staff and faculty of our school, last week they finished the school year, I know it has been an intense year with many challenges, but thank God they overcame everything with the grace of God. Some faculty members will not come back next year most of them for personal reasons, I thank you for the magnificent work you did for our children, God bless you. Now we start to prepare for the following year.

I wish you a happy week. You are all in my prayers.