Pastor’s Letter | 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted on September 8, 2023 View all Pastor's Letter

Greetings dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

Today, this Sunday, the liturgy of the word has a common theme, fraternal correction and common prayer to save those who fall due to disobedience to the will and commandments that God has given us. He considers that it is a theme . that touches us all, especially in our personal relationship with God and with our brothers and sisters. Jesus invites us today to break individualism and disinterest in our neighbor, and to show interest in change and conversion. We usually believe that everyone should make their own decisions, even if they are incorrect, and for this reason we decide to walk away, but the reality is completely different because Jesus reminds us today that we must worry about correcting with charity and love so that we can straighten our path and return to life of grace. Correcting others I believe is not a problem, it’s enough to tell them what we believe and that’s usually enough, the difficult thing is that they correct us, that is difficult because nobody likes to be corrected, but out of love and humility we must accept when we fail. For this reason we must pray as a community to ask God for grace and accept the correction of our brothers and sisters and at the same time have the wisdom to correct them as well. Everything is for their sanctification and ours.

On another subject, I want to welcome all the children of the Religious Education program that this Sunday begins, I ask God to pour out his Holy Spirit so that they can learn and know Jesus more, they are the future of the church and for this reason we must form them in the faith to the best of our ability. I thank the volunteers who agreed to be catechists, it is a very beautiful ministry and at the same time a great responsibility. God bless you for lending your lips to announce the gospel to these little ones. Welcome and may it be a very fruitful year.

I also remind you that next weekend will be our Ministry Fair, all our groups and ministries will have a table to let them know the charism of each one, it will be a parish pastoral festival, I ask you not to be indifferent and go through the tables to learn about the pastoral richness of our parish. The ministries and apostolate groups are the presence of the Holy Spirit in our parish and as baptized it is our duty to participate and be active members within the church and especially our parish. I hope you enjoy and experience this Ministry Fair. At the same time, I invite those responsible for the ministries to contact the office to reserve their space and announce their ministry or group.

Finally, I ask you to pray for our brothers and sisters who are sick, I know that there are many who cannot attend the Sunday Eucharist due to their health or age, but keep in mind that every Sunday we offer the 10:00 am mass for you. , and generally there is always a group of brothers and sisters who very devoutly take communion to their homes. Also, if someone has a relative with health problems, do not hesitate to let us know, Fr. Paul is in charge of this ministry, and I know that he dedicates all his effort and sacrifice to this blessed work.

Let’s unite by praying and interceding for each other.

In Jesus and Mary.

Fr. Alex