Pastor’s Letter – 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted on July 31, 2020 View all News

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

In this weekend’s Gospel, we hear the story of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, the great miracle of Jesus, a sign of His presence as food and support. Jesus invites us to get involved in His work of redeeming humanity by sharing what we have with those most in need.

He invites those listening to His message to contribute what little they have by saying, “give them some food yourselves.” Jesus invites us to discover this grand project when we eat and gather with the most needy, sharing our bread in a friendly way as brothers and sisters.

The Church as a “sacrament of fraternity” is called to never tire of discovering new ways to love our neighbor and to create a more profound and more alive fraternity among men. Believers must learn to live in a more fraternal style by listening to today’s man’s needs. Hopefully, today’s liturgy will help us ask ourselves, how much am I sharing what little I have with those who need it most? Thus, we will create an environment of fraternity, which I am more than sure we have already done.

This week in our parish has been one of great joy and enthusiasm due to this fraternal atmosphere. We have united as a parish and as a universal church, which in communion with the Pope, through our bishop, has been able to live that connection of faith. The installation of a new pastor is not a simple ceremony, but is much more than that. It is the ceremony in which the bishop gives the care of souls to the new pastor, with the responsibility of directing them towards heaven, making unity in the whole parish.  We were blessed that this ceremony was presided over by our Bishop Michael Burbidge, who in his homily, encouraged all of us, not only me as his new pastor. He invited us to be a united community that evangelizes and seeks to grow more in faith and love for the Gospel. We had the beautiful presence of more than 18 priests from our diocese, who made more present in the celebration the life of faith and communion. Many of them have great love for this parish because they have worked here before and have fond memories of many of you. Blessed be God for all of them and for their priestly ministry.

I thank everyone for their hard work, particularly the volunteers, as it showed the unity we have. I thank the Staff who certainly worked more than usual preparing everything, down to the smallest detail. Truly, thank you for your hard work and your love for the parish.

I want to repeat in this letter the same words I said last Monday in my remarks of thanks, and I deeply reaffirm my commitment to all of you; I want to be a sign of unity and communion. Father Rampino and I together will carry out a commitment of faith and love for the Church. We are and will always seek to be a team for God, a team of grace to guide you to heaven. I ask God for the humility to carry out this noble task, to walk ahead to guide you, to walk together with you to accompany you as a brother and as a friend, and to walk back to lift you up when you fall. Father Rampino and I ask for your prayers today, that we might do the best that is within our reach, for together shoulder to shoulder, we will always seek the sanctification of this parish.

We entrust ourselves to your prayers, that under the intercession of our Mother, the Queen of Apostles, we can all complete this great challenge.

In Christ Jesus,

Fr. Alexander Diaz