Pastor’s Letter | 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted on June 23, 2023 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear parishioners:

This week we end the month of June, time is flying and summer is here, I hope you can take some time off with your family and share more with your children. This Sunday’s gospel is a continuation of the gospel that we read last week, Jesus after choosing the twelve sends them to preach and gives them clear instructions on how they have to live their apostolate; At the same time, it prepares them for the challenges they are going to face, challenges that remain the same to this day. Persecutions, slander and even martyrdom itself, for this reason he clarifies “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul. Fear, rather, who can throw the soul and the body to the place of punishment” (Mt.10,28).

If we are his followers, very possibly we will have the same luck as him and the other prophets. How to understand this then? God’s protection is his ability to give us life (our soul), and provide happiness even in tribulations and persecutions. He is the one who can give us the joy of his Kingdom that comes from a profound life, already experienceable now and that is a pledge of eternal life: “Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge before my Father, who is in the Heavens; “(Mt 10,32). Trusting that God will be with us in difficult times gives us the courage to announce the words of Jesus in full light, and gives us the energy capable of doing good, so that through our works people can give glory to the heavenly Father. Saint Anselm teaches us: “Do everything for God and for that happy and eternal life that our Savior deigns to grant you in heaven.”

Three years ago today, June 25, the Bishop assigned me as your Pastor, I am very grateful for the support I’ve received; This has been the biggest challenge I have received, and despite the situations experienced, I believe that we have made history. Since I arrived I have tried to do my best and give my best, I have tried to respond to their requests and guide them as far as I could, as human, I have been wrong and perhaps I have not met their expectations, but it has not been due to lack of will. A Pastor is made with the help and support of his sheep, with whom he teams up to make the journey. Thank you all for your support and for not leaving me alone, I wish with all my heart to continue developing our parish, to continue building the kingdom of God. There is still a lot to do, help me, do not leave me alone in this task because we are a community of faith that grows in communion, and in my daily prayers I ask for the wisdom not to fail you, but many times I have to make decisions that make me uncomfortable and that is where where I ask for your understanding, because sometimes it doesn’t just depend on me. I thank God for being your  Pastor and for your understanding and your displays of affection.

Finally I inform you that this week the company will begin to install the new roof of the school, after long conversations it will finally start. The diocese has given us a loan of 400 thousand dollars to be able to pay for this project, the total cost will be half a million dollars, it is a very large amount but I have confidence in God and in you that you will not leave me alone and we will be able to pay the diocese as soon as possible. If you want to collaborate for this project, your help will be welcome and I will be very grateful.

I hope you have a blessed week. I have you in my prayers