Vocations Crucifix

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The Vocations Crucifix Program at Queen of Apostles is a means of developing prayer and devotion among our parish families, who are the seed beds of vocations. The Vocations Crucifix reminds each host family that they share in the responsibility to pray for and promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life. All of us must encourage and support men and women to these vocations.

The Vocations Crucifix travels weekly from home one to another home. A household receives the crucifix at one of the weekend Masses and takes it home for one week and places the crucifix in a significant place. The Vocations Crucifix is a daily reminder in your home to talk about religious vocations and the importance of these vocations to serve the Lord and others.

If you would like the opportunity to host the parish’s Vocation Crucifix for a special week of prayer, please stop by or contact the parish office.

Coordinator: Parish Office

Phone: (703) 354-8711

Email: general@queenofapostles.org