Advent Videos on FORMED

Posted on November 29, 2022 View all News and Up-Coming Events

What is FORMED?

Do you know what Netflix or Disney + is? Well, FORMED is a Catholic version of that. It is a platform that streams strictly religious videos. They have videos in both English and Spanish. They also have videos for children!

How can you sign up?

Registering for FORMED is easier than ever:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your parish by entering name, city and/or zip code
  3. Enter your name and email address
  4. Check that email account for a link to begin using FORMED.

We’ve created a series of videos to guide your parishioners through logging in, signing up, and using the platform. Watch them here.

Directions to Register, in Spanish are here.

What videos to watch during advent?

ALL OF THEM! They have videos that you can watch each advent week. They have videos for children to better understand advent. There’s many to choose from. Take time with your family this advent season to watch not another ‘Christmas Movie’ together, but an Advent Movie that will bring you closer to God.