Pastor’s Letter| July 30-31

Posted on September 1, 2022 View all Pastor's Letter

Dear parishioners,

We are ending the month of July, and summer is almost coming to an end, I hope you are enjoying the summer as a family and that it has helped you to unite more. In today’s Gospel, Jesus brings us face to face with what is fundamental to our Christian life, our life in relationship with God: to become rich before Him. That is, to fill our hands and our hearts with all kinds of goods – supernatural, spiritual, of grace, and not of material things. Therefore, in light of today’s Gospel, we can ask ourselves: what do we fill our hearts with? The man in the parable had it clear: “Rest, eat, drink, and feast” (Lk 12:19). But this is not what God expects from a good son of His. The Lord has not placed our happiness on inheritances, fine dining, latest car model, vacations to the most exotic places, or money. All these things can be good, but in themselves they cannot satisfy the longing for fulfillment of our soul, and therefore, they must be used well, as means that they are. And it is that materialistic things pass; By contrast, spiritual things are eternal, immortal, last forever, and are the only ones that can fill our hearts and give full meaning to our human and Christian lives. Jesus says it very clearly: “You fool!” (Lk 12, 20), thus qualifies the one who only has material, earthly, selfish goals. That at any moment of our existence we can present ourselves before God with our hands and hearts full of effort to seek the Lord and what He likes, which is the only thing that will take us to Heaven.

This month of August we will dedicate the month to preparing for the parish festival, we are very happy that everything is going very well, the tickets for the raffle are coming back little by little and we have already collected a lot. I encourage you to get excited about us participating and giving it life, the parish is gradually reviving after these years of loneliness due to the pandemic. I hope it will be a success and that it will be better than last year. I also thank the sponsors because their help will give it more prominence and lower costs. Many thanks for your support and for your collaboration. In the office we have more tickets, if you want to help us promote the raffle come and pick up one more pack. Your help is very important to the parish.

Please put on your calendars the Bible study that our deacon Vincent Kapral directs; the course will begin on September 12th, you can already begin to register at the parish office. The study of the Holy Scriptures always nourishes our hearts and helps to know the word of God. Hopefully many will participate in this Bible course.

I also continue to encourage all those who lack the sacraments of Christian initiation to enroll in the Adult Christian Initiation program, this course will be taught on Mondays in Spanish and on Tuesdays in English, please do not be afraid to enroll and you can receive all the sacraments next year at the Easter Vigil.

Finally, I remind you that next Sunday, August 7th, is our monthly Social Sunday, an opportunity to meet and share as a parish family. Don’t forget, this helps us create a better community.

You are all in my prayers,

Fr. Alex