Letter from Fr. Juan Espino | COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Dear Parish Family,

During this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as our government leaders ask us to withdraw from each other and practice social distancing, I am compelled to write to the generous Queen of Apostles parishioners to humbly ask for your help.

Pope Francis recently reminded us that the way we survive this coronavirus situation is to stick together. Our Holy Father invites us to live this moment with humility, penance, compassion and hope, and to demonstrate our solidarity with others; especially those who suffer. And these are dark times for many of our brothers and sisters.

As we each sit in our home navigating through this global pandemic, many of our parish families are, or soon will be, significantly impacted because of COVID-19.  Whether it be financial or abandoned in isolation, some families and elder parishioners have already reached out to Queen of Apostles with a plea for help.  In addition to the impacted parishioners, the mandatory suspension of Sunday Masses also places a tremendous strain on the parish’s finances and our ability to operate. We are estimating a shortfall of about $300,000, but it is a moving target.

It is obvious that this situation places us in great need, and I now must come to you to ask for donations.  Donations may be made immediately through Faith Direct.  These donations may be made anonymously and in any amount; as even the smallest donation will help.  Your donations for COVID-19 can be made as a one-time gift; and, you can also enroll in the Faith Direct eGiving option in lieu of the support you graciously give during the weekly offertory in Mass.

To go to the Faith Direct page, please go to: https://membership.faithdirect.net/VA324

All Faith Direct one-time donations will be evenly split between:

  • Impacted parishioners in need.  I’ve assembled a volunteer staff to purchase and deliver truly essential provisions to registered parishioners who have lost their income sources as a result of the virus and are in need of financial support. Please call 703-220-0562 if you need assistance or would like to volunteer for this effort.
  • The parish’s operating budget.  Though many families have continued to give electronically through Faith Direct, we depend on collections at Sunday Mass for about 60% of our church’s revenues.  We cannot sustain the church’s operations without the weekly offerings.

Should 50% of the donated amount exceed the needs of our parishioners, we will send the excess funds to the church or use as tuition support.

Finally, I request prayers for all who are suffering because of COVID-19, and that the financial needs of our parish and parishioners are met.  May God grant us a reprieve from this terrible illness through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Apostles, and through Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.

Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Juan


HOTLINE for assistance or to volunteer: (703) 220-0562
Essential provisions the parish hopes to provide to registered parishioners in need as they become available:
1) Diapers/Baby wipes
2) Baby formula
3) Rice/Pasta
4) Milk (possibly powdered milk, if the other one is difficult to come by)
5) Macaroni and Cheese
6) Canned fruit/vegetables
7) Cereals
8) Oatmeal
9) Corn flour for tortillas
10) Cheese/Ham

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