Bishop Burbidge responds to Supreme Court ruling on abortion

Posted on June 24, 2022 View all News and Up-Coming Events

For nearly 50 years, our nation has suffered under the enormous weight of a wrongly reasoned Supreme Court decision. Roe v. Wade imposed legalized abortion on all 50 states, effectively denying the electorate the freedom and power to debate and decide the controversial issue. Since that decision, more than 63 million babies have died from the horrible brutality of abortion.

The Supreme Court today has overturned that destructive and profoundly unjust decision and restored to the people the power to enact life-affirming laws in their states and in Congress.

We thank God for this welcome decision. At the same time, we also know that the work of protecting unborn children and their parents from the tragedy of abortion is far from finished. This is one, key moment in what I pray will be a long line of subsequent life-affirming victories. There is much work to do to create laws and policies in Virginia and beyond that recognize the sanctity of every human life and that provide women and their babies the protection, care and resources necessary to flourish.

Through our diocesan and parish ministries and Catholic Charities, the Church of the Diocese of Arlington will continue to accompany mothers experiencing crisis pregnancies, and to provide pregnancy and adoption support, medical and emergency financial assistance, and care for those who have experienced abortion. We seek to remind these mothers—and fathers: You are not alone! We are here and ready to accompany you every step of the way.

To the women, men and young people throughout our diocese and nation who, through prayer and action, have tirelessly defended life in the womb and assisted mothers in their pregnancies, I express my sincere appreciation for all you have done. Now I urge you to remain committed to the long yet hope-filled work ahead to build a culture of life. We must remain engaged with our elected officials, urging them to support the dignity and sanctity of every life from conception until natural death. Your prayers, service and advocacy are vitally needed to make abortion in Virginia unthinkable.

To all who have endured the pain of abortion, I assure you, Our Lord desires to bring you comfort and peace. Through his mercy, you can experience his healing and forgiveness and come to know God’s abiding presence in your life. The Catholic Church stands ready to walk with you on that journey.

May Our Lord, in his mercy, usher in more pro-life victories throughout our country. As a nation that prides itself on standing as “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” may we always give first priority to protecting the most vulnerable among us.